June 15: Sea Kayak Level 1 Course in Labelle

Listing No. QU00060

STARTS ON JUNE 15 AT 8:30AM - ENDS ON JUNE 15 AT 5:30PM - 1 DAY - EV RECHARGE - Offers lodging

Learn to read the water and get comfortable in your sea kayak. Learn to re-enter your sea kayak after capsizing, and to re-embark your partner as well. Learn to move forward and backward in a straight line, as well as to turn and stop.


Prerequisite: none. Installing your kayak on your car will no longer feel like a battle. You'll be able to choose the right clothing and maintain your equipment properly.


  • Certified instructor
  • 1 day sea kayak course (9h)
  • Canot Kayak Quebec Level 1 Sea Kayak certification for each successful course participant
  • Outdoor sauna and bonfire
  • Equipment rental and lodging available on demand (additional fee)


Bring your own food and kayaking material (15 feet kayak or longer with 2 dry compartments, paddle float, kayak spray skirt, safety material). Dress according to the weather forecast. Transportation is not included. Carpooling is encouraged. The course will be rescheduled in case of very bad weather.